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Support FAQ

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What are the requirements when using DocsDirect Online?

  • Windows PC
  • Latest version of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browser
  • PDF software

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How to use Microsoft Edge?​

While the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, Microsoft has provided a path for Internet Explorer-based websites and applications from within Microsoft Edge (Microsoft’s newest web browser).  According to Microsoft “The same IE11 apps and sites you use today can open in Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode.”  Read below for how to configure this setup to work with DocsDirect.​​

  • Prerequisites
    • Windows 8 or Windows 10 fully updated
      • NOTE: Windows 7  has been found to work but produces inconsistent results

    • Microsoft Edge version 92 (92.0.925.0 or later)
      • To Update Edge
        • … > Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge
          • ​should auto update
          • restart (button) (if applicable)​​​​​​

    • Trusted Sites
      • Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted Sites > Sites
        • Windows Search Box > "internet options"
        • Control Panel
          • ​Start > Windows System > Control Panel > Internet Options

  • Edge Configuration (using Local Site List)
    • … > Settings > Default browser
      • Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode = Allow
      • restart (button)​​​

    • ​Internet Explore mode pages > Add

NOTE: you will be required to re-add the above pages/sites to this list every 30 days*

*to avoid this, your IT department can implement an Enterprise Mode Site List or for advanced setup or guidance, please contact DocsDirect support

  • Test
    • Close all Edge browser windows
    • Open Edge and navigate to
    • If desired​, close Edge reminder that you are running in IE mode​ by using the "X" on far right​

NOTE: the reminder will re-appear once browser navigation goes away from a DocsDirect address​​*

*to avoid this, your IT department can implement an Enterprise Mode Site List or for advanced setup or guidance, please contact DocsDirect support

    • ​​Login to DocsDirect

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Can I use Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are the required browsers.  No other browser will work.

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What are the Internet Explorer Required Settings

If you experience problems using DocsDirect Online, it is likely that your browser settings are preventing proper operation.  The following settings are required from the Internet Explorer Tools menu:

Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings

  • Address of website to allow:
    • *
    • *


Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted Sites > Sites:

  • Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone = unchecked
  • Add this website to the zone:
    • *  


  (Advanced only)
Trusted sites > Custom Level:

  • ActiveX controls and plug-ins
    • Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls = Enable
    • Download signed ActiveX controls = Enable or Prompt
    • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins = Enable or Prompt
    • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting = Enable or Prompt
  • Downloads
    • File Download = Enable
  • Scripting
    • Active scripting = Enable or Prompt

NOTE: 3rd party security software may also interfere with DocsDirect Online and cause the browser to block certain functionality.  To see if this may be the issue causing your problems, temporarily disable or turn off any security products completely and try accessing DocsDirect Online.  You may find that you need to whitelist the DocsDirect domains ( and  Remember to (re)enable or turn back on the security products, once done with this process.  Disabling security products can put your computer at risk.


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Can I test  my browser settings?

Click here to go to the DocsDirect Online Browser Test page to verify proper settings for Javascript, ActiveX and Cookies.


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Are there any Calyx Point Requirements?

There is a known compatibility issue with Calyx Point Version 9. The import process does work; however, once the import is complete, you will need to open Internet Explorer and navigate to directly and login using your username and password. From there you will be able to complete the submission process.

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How do I access documents from the DocsDirect Web site?

If you need to print a prepared document package, you should have been given a "QuickCode" by a DocsDirect associate or your Lender. This QuickCode is a unique code assigned to a specific closed loan package. After entering a valid QuickCode, you will receive instructions for printing the corresponding documents.

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What's a "QuickCode" and how do I get one?

"QuickCodes" give a user access to print closing documents from DocsDirect. A unique "QuickCode" is assigned to each set of completed (ready to print) loan documents. When a set of loan documents is completed, the company responsible for printing those documents (usually a Closing Agent) will be notified that the documents are ready to print and of the corresponding "QuickCode" for that set of documents.

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What if my "QuickCode" doesn't work or I lost my "QuickCode"?

If you have been given a "QuickCode", but it does not work, or you have misplaced a "QuickCode", the most efficient solution, when possible, is to contact the person who gave you the "QuickCode". If that is not possible, you may complete our Technical Assistance Form. Please supply as much information as possible such as: (a) Borrower's first and last name (b) Loan Number (c) Property Address (d) The non-functioning "QuickCode" (e) Lender, etc.

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Will the Lender provide me with a "QuickCode"? Or does your company provide us with one?

We are instructed by the Lender on how this is to be handled. Different arrangements may be made for individual circumstances. In most cases, a member of the DocsDirect staff will contact you with a "QuickCode" when the file is completed.

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My loan package required corrections after I printed the full package. Can I use the same "QuickCode" to pull the corrected documents?

Do not attempt to print corrected documents prior to being notified that corrected or redrawn documents are available. At that time, your DocsDirect associate or Lender will notify you of the current QuickCode for downloading corrected or redrawn documents.

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If I am technically unable to print documents from the Web site, how can I obtain document packages?

Please contact the Lender to address this situation. Delivery via U.S. mail, overnight delivery or some other method of document delivery may be arranged at their discretion.

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What do I do when, after selecting my file, I receive a message "This Page Cannot be Found" or "This Page Cannot be Displayed"?

If you receive an error "This Page Cannot be Found" or "This Page Cannot be Displayed" after selecting your file code from the Document Pickup and Print page, please complete a technical assistance form. Please include Borrower's Name and QuickCode (if applicable) for the file you were attempting to print in the "Question" section of the form. A technical assistant will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

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When printing some documents in PDF format all the words run together with no spaces between them, however, everything looks fine on the screen. Is there an error in the documents, or is it my system?

This issue can nearly always be resolved by obtaining and installing the most recent print driver available for your particular make and model printer. Most printer manufacturers, including Hewlett Packard, provide free printer driver updates from their Web sites.

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Are forms printed on ink-jet, bubble-jet or Dot-Matrix printers acceptable?

It is recommended that documents downloaded from our Internet site should be printed on a high quality laser printer. However, if you are printing using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the use of Bubble-jet, Deskjet or Ink-jet printers is acceptable in most circumstances unless otherwise specified by a Lender/Investor, local recording jurisdiction, etc. Dot-Matrix printers would not produce the desired results.

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