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Document Preparation

We prepare documents for conventional, one-time close, FHA, VA, and USDA loans, as well as a multitude of other loan types and products for all 50 states.  We provide closed loan packages with all the documentation necessary for your loans to be in compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as for purchase on the secondary market.  Additionally, DocsDirect can easily incorporate your business rules and custom documents into your closed loan packages.

Our seasoned mortgage professionals select the proper note, security instrument, riders, certificates, and affidavits to ensure a complaint closed loan package.  We then conduct our "pre-check" by reviewing and comparing the document request to the title, survey, and supplemental documentation. We examine the title work to determine if it contains any issues detrimental to marketability, validity, or priority of the lien.  Next, we review the basic loan information for consistency and accuracy.  Any significant concerns or issues will be promptly brought to your attention or the attention of the title company. 

After the pre-check is complete, we will complete the loan data entry into DocsDirect.  A standard DocsDirect closing package will include, but is not limited to:  Closing Instructions, Note, Security Instrument and Riders, TIL, Itemization, Assignments, Warranty Deed or Right of Rescission, First Payment Letter, Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statements, Invoice, State Closing Disclosures, and other standard closing forms.  The package may also include additional forms that may be needed to conform to state laws or that supplement the package in a necessary way.  The completed loan package is then quickly transferred back to you or a third-party closing agent. 

DocsDirect seamlessly interfaces with your loan origination system to deliver documents to you, your title company, or your investor.  DocsDirect is flexible and allows for unmatched levels of customization.  We tailor our package to suit your needs—for FHA, VA, modifications, and unique loan products.  We can also create custom loan documentation packages for your unique bank loan products while maintaining compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.  Our clients find DocsDirect unparalleled in quality, flexibility, and responsiveness. 

A Sample of Some Available Loans and Document Types:     

​ConventionalStandard FNMA/FHLMC​​FHA
​Adjustable Rate​Balloon​Buydown
Second Lien​Texas Home Equity​​Interim Construction
Manufactured Home​Customized Documents​One-Time Closing​
​§184 Native American LoanHome Improvement​Loan Modification​
​Principal ReductionInterest First​Interest Only​
Bridge​​Bond Programs​Negative Amortization
Power of Attorney​Prepayment Penalty​


Texas Attorney Review Services

Your loan documents are thoroughly reviewed and compared to the title commitment, survey, and other supporting documentation to ensure that the documentation meets Texas lien requirements.  Our knowledgeable staff searches for any loan detail discrepancies and verifies them with the appropriate party to ensure the completeness, consistency, and accuracy of every file.  This service is performed for our Texas clients in compliance with Texas government Code Section 83.001.