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Pretended Sales and Non-Arm’s Length Transactions

In Texas, pretended sales and non-arm's length transactions involving related parties can jeopardize coverage under the lender's title insurance policy. Crucially, these issues may void the lender's lien as well. Learn about common related party scenarios and the corresponding exceptions we regularly see on title commitments. Finally, learn how these issues can be avoided or resolved.

Pretended Sales


Understanding Temporary Buydowns in Mortgage Financing

Learn all about temporary buydowns, a popular financing method offered by lenders to lower the interest rate of a loan for a specific period. This article explains how temporary buydowns work, including the buydown deposit, buydown escrow account, and buydown subsidy payment. Additionally, it covers the benefits of buydowns for mortgage lenders, borrowers and sellers and outlines the different types of buydowns available. It also explores relevant rules and regulations governing buydowns and includes an extensive frequently asked questions section.



Change of Circumstances and Revised Disclosures FAQs

Even though TRID has been around for almost a decade, the rules and requirements surrounding changed circumstances and revised disclosures still puzzle many lenders. These FAQs contain answers to questions we receive frequently from our lender clients related to change of circumstance definitions and timing requirements. We also created a helpful chart outlining which specific situations necessitate a change of circumstance and revised disclosure, as well as the supporting TRID citations found in Regulation Z.



Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Presentations

Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Overview: Presentation #1




Loan Estimate: Presentation #2


Closing Disclosure: Presentation #3