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About Us


Schwartz & Associates is a Texas law firm that has been exclusively providing residential real estate document preparation and attorney services, as well as innovative document internet technology, to the mortgage industry since 1989. We offer a full range of services to a variety of mortgage professionals (Banks, Wholesale Investors, Mortgage Bankers, Correspondents and Brokers) nationwide and prepare loan documents for conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, construction lending and a myriad of bond programs. Schwartz & Associates is dedicated to providing each client with​ the closing and document services they desire and deserve.


Schwartz & Associates developed our own proprietary web-based system, DocsDirect, to handle the myriad of lender channels and loan programs offered by our clients. DocsDirect was built with an emphasis on ease of use, flexibility, scalability, security and automation. DocsDirect interfaces with Calyx Point, Ellie Mae Encompass and any MISMO compliant LOS. Additionally, DocsDirect can simultaneously send different packages to different parties using different delivery methods all at the click of a button.

Document Preparation or Attorney Review Services

Schwartz & Associates provides document preparation for all 50 states and document preparation services to Texas clients in compliance with Texas Government Code, Section 83.001. Each document request submitted is reviewed and compared to the title commitment, survey and other ancillary documentation provided by client. Any loan detail discrepancies are verified by Schwartz staff with the appropriate party to ensure a completeness, consistency and accuracy.

Fulfillment Services

Schwartz & Associates provides third party fulfillment services for correspondent lenders. Schwartz partners with our fulfillment client by acting as their closing department and is responsible for closing review and document preparation, along with the review and approval of the HUD-1 settlement statement, funding, shipping of the loan to the chosen investor and post-closing follow-up until purchase by investor. Fulfillment services are available upon execution of a separate written agreement between Client and Schwartz & Associates and are provided only for transactions in which closing packages are prepared by Schwartz & Associates on DocsDirect.

Contact Us

For more information about our services and how to get set-up as a client, please contact us at or call 972.562.1966.